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Why choose Sound Realty Group to sell your property?

Work with a Team

Moving your property sale from initial preparation to closing requires at minimum 180 individual tasks. That’s a lot of details that no single agent can effectively manage. Our team of professionals works collaboratively across five separate positions, each giving 100% attention to their area of expertise—for the same cost as an individual agent. Together, we handle the entire process, so you can relax, knowing every detail is taken care of.

 Expertise / Specialization

We specialize in selling multi-family investment properties, and have an entire team dedicated to the process. We have the skills, connections, and marketing systems to sell your property for top dollar in very little time in order to maximize your profits and minimize the pain and hassle of selling.  


Other agents might leave you wondering what they’re doing to find a buyer for your property. Not Sound Realty Group! We believe in transparency and constant communication, so we give you access to our online communication tools and will always keep you in the loop. 

Experience and Track Record

Most residential agents will sell 3 or 4 multi-family properties throughout their entire career. We sell at least that many each month. In the last year our team has listed and sold over 90 properties, which ranks us #1 for multi-family property sales throughout the entire Puget Sound Area.


Many of the properties we sell were previously listed with another brokerage where they sat on the market and did not sell. Those property owners then reached out to us for help. We conducted a detailed analysis and implemented a marketing strategy that got their property sold! Need references? We would be happy to put you in touch with some of our past clients.


Because of the complexities involved, a lot of multi-family deals fall apart; we do a lot to make sure that doesn't happen with ours. We understand that sometimes we will be working with inexperienced agents and first-time investors. With this in mind, we have developed systems to help other agents, buyers, and all involved- with our primary goal in mind: to move the process along and get the property sold for our sellers.

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*Sold With Discretion

*We understand that in many cases multi-family properties need to be sold with discretion, and will make sure the tenants will not be made aware that the property is for sale until the seller has accepted an offer from a prospective buyer. In this case, there will be no signage and only exterior photos will be taken. Offers will be made “subject to interior viewing". CLICK HERE to View Example